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The Bacardi Houses allow you to discover the world of spirits, their production, their history, and the men and women who produce them. When you walk through the doors of these unique places, dedicated to spirits, you are immersed in the culture of know-how and in the world of mixology. The universe of each Maison Bacardi has been defined by their own region, and their own history. Each offers an authentic experience, revealing its backstage, offering guided tours, cocktail workshops, or even gastronomic invitations in a superb setting.

Explore the archives that take you back to William the Conqueror, find out why the Romans developed their vast wine empire,
and reveal the secrets of Cognac production in the castle of a well-known King of France. Learn how to bake bread to perfection to enjoy the best vodka in the world. Spend an evening walking in the footsteps of the Dukes of Savoy and unearthing the secrets of making your own whisky, or even creating your own vermouth. Stroll through the vineyards of Asti and dine on a private boat on the Mediterranean coast.

All this, and much more, is designed so that you and your guests can fully enjoy your event.

The Barcardi Maisons Collection

Royal Castle of Cognac


Station  of Cognac  : 5 min

Angoulême train station: 45 min

Bordeaux airport: 128 km

The Château Royal de Cognac is the birthplace of an illustrious King of France, François 1er. Baron Otard bought the castle
and founded its Maison du Cognac in 1975. The Château Royal de Cognac, which has since become a historic monument, is an emblem of French history as well as a Cognac House.

The state room is the ideal room for prestigious receptions,

cocktails, gala dinners, dance evenings and concerts... for a capacity of 250 people

House Noilly-Prat


Station  from agde  : 10 minutes

Béziers Vias airport: 15 minutes

Montpellier Airport: 45 mins

Considered one of the best French vermouths, Noilly Prat is created in the south of France. Located in the pretty port of Marseillan, surrounded by vineyards and oyster beds, our house is like no other. With over 300 days of sunshine a year, guests can visit Maison Noilly Prat with exclusive tours, interactive workshops and even create their own events. Discover more than 200 years of heritage at Maison Noilly Prat in Marseillan.

Privatization of the Sainte Anne cellar, the VIP bar, Bar la Grappe or outdoor courtyard for a capacity of 200 people

Benedictine Palace


Fecamp train station  : 700m

2h15 from Paris and 1h from Deauville by car

The Palais Bénédictine was erected at the end of the 19th century in honor of the Bénédictine liqueur discovered by Alexandre Le Grand, a wine merchant from Fécamp, who had found the recipe, created in 1510 by a monk, in an old grimmoir. Discover this extraordinary story by exploring our Experiences created for you with care and passion.

La Salle des Abbés: 221m2 for your exceptional events and private lounges


Our 4 French Houses not only offer you access to unique spaces for tailor-made events but also open the doors to the backstage of our ancestral know-how. Privatize one of these houses is an invitation to travel, encounters, mixology and multi-sensory discoveries!


  Thibault Ruffat

In charge of the collection of the 11 international Maisons





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Olivia Gerardin

Visiting Center Manager

Mob.  +33 (0)6 76 49 39 03

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Bacardi Houses

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