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At the image of the best Languedoc wine , our destinations are a subtle blend that combines the  authenticity and intimacy of   a wine estate with comfort and modernity

d  ' a stylish residence  




Lovingly resurrecting wine estates left as "sleeping giants", our collection consists of three exceptional estates in the heart of the Languedoc vineyards, Château Les Carrasses, Domaine St Pierre de Serjac and Domaine Capitoul. Our destinations, the very definition of refined and understated luxury, offer elegant accommodation in one of the most alluring and unspoilt regions of the South of France.

Castle Les Carrasses  - 61 rooms  

Béziers train station at 20 min or Montpellier airport at 1h15

  Domaine Saint-Pierre de Serjac  - 102 rooms  

Béziers train station 20 mins away or Montpellier airport 1 hour away

Domaine Capitoul - 134 rooms  

Narbonne train station at 10 min or Perpignan airport at 45 min Montpellier airport at 1h10 – Toulouse airport at 1h40

- “Green” environment, conducive to concentration and cohesion

- Authenticity of the place: old buildings renovated with respect for their heritage

- The Languedoc sun, present more than 300 days a year  

- Friendly accommodation in houses offering a high level of comfort: each bedroom has its own bathroom, a spacious and bright living room, a private swimming pool for some.

- Many sub-committee rooms set up in the living rooms of the house

- Various catering areas (restaurant, terrace, poolside, vegetable garden area, etc.)

- A wide range of fun activities to organize on site or nearby


In June 2021, after several years of renovation and an investment of 34M euros, Domaine Capitoul will open its doors.

Like the group's other destinations, this is a vast wine tourism project but also a major ecological challenge. The project has been studied down to the smallest detail to safeguard the natural environment, the architectural richness and the estate's heritage.

This approach governs all our choices, from dry gardens and swimming pools with low environmental impact to the composting of organic waste, including ecological design and construction.


Chateau Les Carrasses:  

“Our symposium in your establishment went perfectly, just like the two previous years. I would like to thank you and all the staff at your establishment for the professionalism and kindness they have shown. »



“Our seminar went well and we found this place to be magnificent and very pleasant.
Our entire team is satisfied with the welcome, the setting and the services offered (accommodation, team building with your partner), and we will have very fond memories of this moment shared in your establishment. »



Domain of Serjac:  

" Where to start ? The places, the organization, the speakers, the colleagues everything was MAGNIFICENT. The place was quiet and beautiful! Wonderful place ! Very classy ! It was perfect, exceptional. »

Sandrine / ORANGE


" Beautiful area ! very good level. Very good food quality – original dishes. Top notch accommodation! All were very well settled. Meeting rooms: ok. Good sound.
Dining room and cooperage for aperitifs: very well soundproofed. Very good location. Space…”





“At home, we savor, we taste, we learn, we have fun, we share. We feel like at home. We come for a business lunch, a company meeting, a family vacation or a trip with friends. We come back for shared values, as we come home, naturally”.



Karl O'Hanlon







Delfine Fabre Charrin

Sales manager

Phone.  +33 (0)4 67 93 12 31

Mob. +33 (0)7 57 54 04 72

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Domaine & demeure

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